Technicon AutoAnalyzer II

Technicon AutoAnalyzer II

TODAY: Technicon AutoAnalyzer II (AAII)

The Technicon AutoAnalyzer II is the world's best known and most successful Continuous Flow Automated Analyzer, and the instrument that most EPA methods reference. SEAL Analytical now own and manufacture the AutoAnalyzer brand of Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers, with SEAL continuing to develop the technology, the automated analyzer and the methods, specifically for environmental and industrial analysis. The AutoAnalyzer 3 (AA3) HR is the latest SEAL instrument resulting from these developments.

Worldwide, AutoAnalyzer's are primarily used for water analysis; from sub-ppb levels of nutrient in seawater to much higher levels in wastewater. The AutoAnalyzer is also widely used as a wet chemistry analyzer for soil, plant, tobacco, food, and fertilizer and wine analysis.

There are still many hundreds of Technicon AutoAnalyzer's in use around the world and they are still well supported by SEAL Analytical. Replacement parts, upgrade modules, service, support, and methods are all readily available. SEAL Analytical and its distributors are the only companies that offer factory trained service and support, genuine parts, genuine consumables and upgrade modules for the AAII.

Compatible Upgrade Modules for the Technicon AutoAnalyzer II

(Both Technicon AutoAnalyzer AAII and Bran Luebbe AAII Modules).

  • Technicon AAII Pump III replace with SEAL AA3 Pump IV
  • Technicon SCIC Colorimeter replace with SEAL Digital HR Colorimeter
  • Technicon Sampler IV or Bran+Luebbe Compact, XYZ samplers replace with SEAL XY2/ XY3 Sampler.

HISTORY: Technicon AutoAnalyzezr II

The AutoAnalyzer SFA instrument was invented 1957 by Leonard Skeggs, PhD and commercialized by Jack Whitehead's Technicon® Corporation. The first applications were for clinical analysis, but methods for industrial analysis soon followed. The Technicon AutoAnalyzer II was introduced by Technicon® in 1972, for automated wet chemistry analysis using a special flow technique called "continuous flow analysis (CFA)" or more correctly "segmented flow analysis (SFA)". The Technicon AutoAnalyzer II profoundly changed the character of the chemical testing laboratory by allowing significant increases in the numbers of samples that can be processed. The novel design based on separating a continuously flowing stream with air bubbles all but eliminated slow, clumsy, and error prone manual methods of analysis. This instrument single handedly changed the concept of days per sample to a mindset that hundreds, or even thousands, of tests are possible per day. The Technicon Autoanalyzer II (AAII) is the instrument that most EPA methods for automated colorimetric analysis were written on and reference. The AutoAnalyzer II is a second generation segmented flow analyzer that uses 2 millimeter ID glass tubing and pumps reagent at flow rates of 2 - 3 milliliters per minute. Typical sample throughput for the AAII is 30 - 60 samples per hour. The Technicon Industrial division including the AutoAnalyzer II was bought by Bran Luebbe in 1987. In 1995 the AAII was replaced by the next generation AutoAnalyzer 3 (AA3).