Robotic Testing & Sample Handling

MiniLab Robotic Handling System. Minilab AR- MiniLab APCompact and powerful, the SEAL MiniLab AP (Auto Prep) and AR (Auto Read) systems combine robotic sample handling with robotic movement of probes and other testing equipment. All of this is done on a compact platform to optimize efficiency and minimize bench space in the laboratory.


MiniLab AR (Auto Read) System 

The MiniLab AR systems are capable of many robotic testing and handling tasks. Almost any “off the shelf” probe or manual testing can be automated. Ideally suited for water and soil testing such as pH, conductivity and BOD. With the addition of an AP system, sample preparation can be automated – including filtering, pH adjustment, sample dilutions and more. 


MiniLab AP (Auto Prep) System 

The SEAL MiniLab AP system can be added to an AR system to automate sample preparation. Before your selected test is read, a series of actions will be performed on the parent sample – automating the preparation. Parent sample bottles can be used to minimize waste and contamination, eliminating the need to use a new bottle. SEAL offers standard or custom racks for both units.



SEAL’s MiniLab AR & AP series is suitable for any size space and workload. Designed to be modular, you choose the platform that suits your laboratory workflow. Lower your cost per sample by reducing sample turn-around time, improving accuracy of results, eliminating errors and operator/sample interaction and minimizing downtime.

Sizing for Minilab AR & AP


Looking For Bigger Capacity?

For more capacity, or more automation we have the MiniLab ML Series. With platforms from 600mm to 4000mm wide and bringing multiple platforms and more robotic arms together on a single unit.

MiniLab ML Robotic Handling for Labs


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Watch the following video to see the MiniLab AR & AP Systems in operation.