DEENA ll- For Safe, Reliable Sample Preparation & Metals Digestion

DEENA Automated sample digestion

The DEENA ll is manufactured by SEAL Analytical. DEENA is part of the SEAL Sample preparation group of products that automate  chemical addition, sample preparation and digestion systems used in the analysis of mercury and metals in environmental laboratories. With DEENA you not only automate the steps involved in sample preparation you also eliminate the manual dispensing of corrosive acids and other dangerous reagents. (SEAL DEENA is branded Thomas Cain in Asia)

DEENA II is a sample digestion system that fully automates the digestion process ensuring each sample is treated exactly the same, safeguarding against human error.

DEENA II will:

  • Accurately dispense small volumes of reagents into sample tubes
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Apply heat
  • Fill to volume after digestion is completed

DEENA II Digestion System Advantages

  • Safer digestions with the elimination of manual dispensing of corrosive acid and other dangerous reagents
  • Small footprint, allows bench top placement and saves fume hood space
  • Automates the digestion process and frees up laboratory personnel
  • Reliable and repeatable automation with every sample treated exactly the same
  • No cross contamination
  • No direct contact with sample or vial
  • Even heating of every sample
  • Time saving features such as overnight digestions and standby "warm" feature to rapidly bring samples up to digestion temperature
  • Suitable for EPA approved methods
  • Durable- constructed to reliably run in the harsh digestion environment it operates in
  • Real-time reporting and sample tracking
  • Intuitive & completely customizable software
  • Commonly used methods are pre-loaded

DEENA ll is Ideal For:

  • Reliable metals digestions
  • Reliable Total Phosphorous and Nitrogen digestions

DEENA ll Model Options:

The DEENA II digestion system is available in the following configurations:

  • 96 Position Block for 15ml Tubes
  • 60 Position Block for 50ml Tubes
  • 36 Position Block for 100ml Tubes
  • 30 Position Block for 50ml Tubes


Self Contained Fume Hood

Free up valuable hood space with this self-contained HEPA filtered fume hood. Connecting directly to your existing duct work, this allows the DEENA to operate safely on your laboratory bench.

Syringe Module

Accurately dispense standards and automatically spike samples with this precision syringe add-on. Fully integrated into the DEENA, it is controlled by the software.

Polypropylene Vials

SEAL offers polypropylene vials for any size DEENA, with either a flat or conical bottom. These tubes can be heated up to 135°C.

PTFE Vials

Designed for more strenuous digestions, our 50 mL PTFE Vials can be heated up to 200°C.

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