U.S. Newsletter - Fall 2013

Discrete or Continuous Flow Analysis – what is best???

This is a question we are often asked - and the answer is – it depends! It depends on what your analysis requirements are. SEAL Analytical is unique in that we can offer you the right technology and right system for your needs –we have both discrete and continuous flow analyzers, small and large, so we can custom make a solution for you.

This is a question we are often asked - and the answer is – it depends!
It depends on what your analysis requirements are. SEAL Analytical is unique in that we can offer you the right technology and right system for your needs –we have both discrete and continuous flow analyzers, small and large, so we can custom make a solution for you.

Discrete Analyzers are very automated and are true unattended operation –even overnight. When your run is finished the analyzer washes itself out and goes into standby. Over range samples? No problem – the auto dilution feature kicks in. Even these diluted samples will be automatically bracketed with your QC sets. Discrete analyzers are perfect if you have many different parameters to run – all SEAL AQ2 Discrete Analyzer from the same sample.

The SEAL AQ1 & AQ2 can run seven different chemistries from each sample in the same run – and other 7 in another run. Cross contamination is not a problem with a SEAL Discrete analyzer they have 3 separate wash stations including a unique probe washer. This unique washing feature means even ammonia, nitrate with cadmium reduction and phenol can be run together!

Each sample is read in an optical glass cuvette with 10mm pathlength. The 10mm pathlength is required for maximum sensitivity. Because each sample is read in exactly the same way, SEAL discrete analyzers have the best reproducibility and detection limits. There is less than 50ul waste per sample – so these analyzers save money on reagent and waste costs also.

SEAL segmented flow AutoAnalyzers are world renowned. They are the system of choice for marine and seawater institutes and anyone running very low nutrient waters. The SEAL AutoAnalyzer SEAL AA3 Segmented Flow Analyzer 3 and QuAAtro are also the systems of choice for tobacco, soil and fertilizer testing around the world, ensuring the very best reproducibility. Segmented flow analyzers are perfect for running a few parameters on a larger number of samples. A 5 channel QuAAtro can run 600 tests/hour!The reaction always goes to completion, reaching maximum sensitivity. This combined with digital true dual beam detection system ensures the very lowest detection limits.


And Technical Support of course makes all the difference – SEAL's focus is being a company you want to work with. See the difference for yourself! Contact sales@seal-us.com or techsupport@seal-us.com for more information


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Lake Superior University – AQ1 Strengthens Research Lab

Sault Ste. Marie, MI – The Lake Superior State University Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) recentlyLake Superior State University EAL - AQ1 in use purchased a new instrument, the SEAL AQ1 Discrete analyzer. It is already being put to work testing local, regional and national water quality samples at LSSU and giving students real world experience with an analyzer used in many water quality labs around the United States.

The AQ1 Discrete analyzer performs automated colorimetric tests to determine analyte concentration in water samples. LSSU's new AQ1 is helping the students gain hands-on experience with automated nutrient testing and allows them to perform analyses on many common environmental parameters including Nitrate, Total Nitrogen, and Phosphorus with detection limits in the parts per billion.

Current research projects include:

  • Professor Derek Wright's monitoring of the Ashmun Creek and Munuscong watersheds.
  • EAL Laboratory Manager Ben Southwell's work (with Wayne State and Texas A&M - Corpus Christi) as part of the National Institutes of Health / National Science Foundation grant to characterize waters at risk for harmful cyanobacteria blooms.

Lake Superior State University EAL - AQ1 in use

AQ1 Discrete Analyzer The AQ1 promotes undergraduate research and is being used to teach students analytical techniques. The AQ1 also supports the ongoing research partnerships between faculty, students and the community. LSSU's lab is staying busy - the summer of 2013 includes twelve student-faculty research projects.

LSSU EAL also does contract work for public and private clients and offers paid internships to students that are looking for experience in a state-of-the-art lab. The students will gain experience testing real world samples using standard methods. They also gain experience in all stages of the environmental analytical process from sample collection in the field to reporting data to clients. This year the lab is currently employing eight students as technicians.

Further information on LSSU's EAL can be found on their website.


Technical Tip - Remove Ammonia contamination in Sodium Pottassium Tarate


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SEAL Anlaytical at Pittcon 2013


SEAL launched our latest innovations in continuous flow and discrete analyzers at Pittcon in March. Pittcon is the world's largest science conference and expo. We joined more than 1000 other exhibiters and over 18,000 attendees in Philadelphia.

We launched the QuAAtro 39, high performance microflow analyzer – which delivers 33% more capacity than its predecessor. This enables a greater number of chemistries and tests to be run and further lowers detection limits. The latest AA1 flow analyzer was also released – with integrated distillation for online analysis of ammonia, cyanide and phenol. For more information, contact sales@seal-us.com or call 262-241-7900.


NEW - QuAAtro 39 Continuous Flow Instrument

QuAAtro 39 – The latest innovation from SEAL

The new QuAAtro 39 high throughput nutrient analyzer is more flexible, economical and increases productivity! At SEAL we are always improving our analyzers by listening to our customer and what their testing needs are. The QuAAtro 39 addresses many needs from more economical one or two channel simple chemistry systems to very complex multi-chemistry QuAAtro 39's.

The new QuAAtro 39 is a flexible instrument to get your testing done faster and more efficiently!


Spring User Meeting before FSEA meeting

Spring User Meeting

SEAL Spring User meeting was held at Clearwater Beach in Florida in May, before the Florida Society of Environmental Chemists (FSEA) meeting. The day consisted of technical discussions on methods, instrumentation and software for both Discrete and Continuous Flow analyzers. Our guest speakers were David Welch from St Johns River Water Management District, who spoke about ammonia analysis in varying salinities and Michelle Jasper from Southern Analytical, who spoke about their busy lab and sample load.

NEW - Flared End Pump Tubing for ICP

Flared End Pump Tubing for ICP

It can be difficult to insert the sample tube into the peristaltic pump tubing on your ICP-MS. This is particularly so if the peristaltic pump tubing has a small internal diameter (ID). For example the pump tubing used for the internal standard which usually has an ID of 0.2 to 0.4mm is incompatible with the sample tubing OD of 1.3mm. The flared end of this pump tubing allows the larger sample capillary tubing to be inserted. Any pump tubing type can be supplied with flared ends; this includes both 2-shoulder and 3-shoulder tubing types.

Contact Mary Lenz for a free sample! 262-643-4670 • sales@flaredtubing.com


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Free Training with all Premium Service Contracts

Did you know that SEAL offers ongoing training courses at their Milwaukee location?
Spend a few days with SEAL's Technical Support Group – brush up on your chemistry, software and maintenance knowledge – increase your labs productivity.

The next training course will be held in November. Spaces are limited. Reserve now!
For more information, contact
techsupport@seal-us.com or call 262-241-7900.

Discrete Analyzer and
Digestion Block Manufacturing moved to the USA!

In early 2013, SEAL moved Discrete Analyzer (AQ2 and AQ1) manufacturing to the US. This is after Discrete Manufacturing - SEAL Analytical - Mequon, WIsuccessfully moving our block digestion systems build, the BD50 and BD28, to our headquarters in Milwaukee, WI just over a year ago. This has brought more jobs to the USA and strengthened our Technical Team! We have worked very hard to source parts and consumables locally to increase availability and the ability to work closely with each vendor. When you call our technical support and speak with a service technician you can feel secure that they have hands on experience with our systems – as they now build them too!

Discrete Manufacturing - SEAL Analytical - Mequon, WI

Reliable reproducible TKN results start with reliable digestions – SEAL BD28 and BD50

  • Solid aluminum block with 28 or 50 positions
  • Even heating for reproducible results
  • Separate programmable controller
  • Suitable for Total N & P, Metals, Mercury, COD & more!

Contact us for more information on SEAL Block Digestion systems

SEAL Block Digestion System