AutoAnalyzer Methods

Methods For AutoAnalyzer:  AA500. AA3 HR , AA100, AutoAnalyzer II and QuAAtro

Over 1000 Completely Transferable Methods

SEAL (formally Bran+Luebbe / Technicon) have an extensive library of over 1000 methods for the AutoAnalyzer 3 , AA100 , and QuAAtro Segmented Flow Analyzers. Applications for the older AutoAnalyzer II and TrAAcs systems are completely transferable to the new systems.

USEPA Methodologies - Reference Technicon CFA AAII directly

The USEPA methodologies for automated colorimetric analysis reference the Technicon CFA AutoAnalyzer II. The AutoAnalyzer 3 HR is the latest version of this instrument. We offer methods that are fully compatible to USEPA, AOAC and ISO standard methods.

Best Reproducibility and Lowest Detection Limits

AutoAnalyzer Segmented Flow Analyzer methods will give you the best reproducibility and the lowest detection limits- crucial in applications such as seawater and low level pollutants like cyanide and phenol.

Multi-test manifolds

SEAL have a wide selection of multi-test manifolds and have been offering these to our customers for over 15 years! The advantage of using these manifolds is a large number of different parameters can be analyzed with a single channel system.


AutoAnalyzer Multi-test Manifold and Methods

Water (EPA) MT 13 MT 14 MT 15 MT 16 MT 16B  
Waste Water (NPDES) MT 13 MT 15 MT 7A MT  8 MT  8A MT  8B
Water MT  7 MT 7A MT 7B MT  8 MT  8A MT  8B
Seawater MT 18 MT 19 MT 19B MT 23    
Low Level Water MT 18 MT 19 MT 19B      
Soil Extracts MT  7 MT 7A        
Plant Extracts MT  7 MT 7A MT 7B MT  8 MT  8A MT  8B
Tobacco MT 24 MT 25 MT 26      
Fertilizer MT 30          


QuAAtro Multi-test Manifold and Methods

Water (EPA) MT  1 MT 1A MT 28      
Waste Water           MT  9 MT 10        
Water MT  9 MT 10 MT   4 MT 28 MT 1 MT 1A
Seawater MT 3A MT  3B MT 31      
Low Level Water MT 3A MT  3B MT 31