Fertilizer Analysis- Recommended Instrument

For Fertilizer analysis we recommend macroflow Segmented Flow technology. The complex sample matrix and the high level of reproducibility required for the fertilizer industry makes the AA500 Segmented Flow Analyzer ideal for this application. SEAL analyzers have AOAC compliant methods available. For applications not requiring high temperature digestion our Discrete Analyzer range is also an option. Please contact us to discuss your laboratory's requirements.

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers

For over 50 years SEAL Analytical (previously Bran+Luebbe/ Technicon) has been the expert in environmental analyzers, fertilizer analyzers and sample preparation instruments. We understand that regulated standard methods are critical, so all SEAL analyzers are supplied with detailed method descriptions including reagent make up, flow diagrams and specific application notes.

Using a Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer dissolved fertilizer samples can be analyzed for N, P and K within 8 minutes, with finished fertilizer and raw materials able to be analyzed on the same system. Several parameters can be analyzed in parallel from the same sample.

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Methods for Fertilizer Analysis

  • SEAL Analytical has an extensive library of over 1000 methods.
  • AOAC compatible methods.
  • Multi-range methods, giving the ability to set up your desired range.
  • Dialyzers sometimes used to stop any color interference and/or dilution.
  • Methods used with older AutoAnalyzer II and TrAAcs systems are completely transferable to current model AutoAnalyzers.

The Multi-test Manifolds Advantage

  • We have Multitest Manifolds specially developed for fertilizer analysis.
  • Ideal for labs with small to medium workloads, or where some tests are required only occasionally, as there is no need for a separate manifold for each chemistry.
  • Allows you to analyze a large number of different parameters on a single channel fertilizer analyzer.
  • Extends any size Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer to a multiple channel fertilizer analyzer.
  • Saves time, lowers your purchase & maintenance costs, and saves space.
  • When changing from one test to another only the reagents and the colorimeter filter need to be exchanged.
  • The Multitest Manifolds used for fertilizer analysis incorporate a dialyzer to eliminate interference from colored samples.
  • Ranges can be varied by changing the sample pump tubes. 
  • List of Multitest Methods ideal for fertilizer analysis using AutoAnalyzer 3 HR.

Typical Fertilizer Analysis Parameters

  • Boron
  • Calcium
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrogen:Ammonia
    • Nitrate
    • Urea
    • Total in manual digests
    • Ammonia + nitrate fully automatic
  • Phosphorus:
    • Water soluble
    • Citrate-soluble
    • Direct Available
    • Total Inorganic
    • Total in manual digests
  • Potassium
  • Sulphate



Discrete Analyzer

The compact Discrete Analysers make ideal fertilizer analyzers for applications that do not require high temperature digestions. SEAL Discrete Analyzers are supported by a large library of methods specifically for environmental analysis and included analyses important in fertilizer analysis. Our stated detection limits will be achieved by typical laboratories, with many users exceeding these detection limits.