Genuine AA100 & AA1 AutoAnalyzer Parts

Suitable for SEAL Analytical AA100 and AA1 AutoAnalyzer

Use Only GENUINE SEAL PartsSEAL Analytical is the ONLY source of GENUINE ORIGINAL parts and consumables for SEAL analysers.

Ensure Optimum PerformanceThe best performance of your Analyzer can only be guaranteed when using GENUINE parts and consumables. Other companies offer inferior replicas or refurbished items using our SEAL part numbers.

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163+G003-05  163+G001-10  163+G003-10  163+G001-20
Glass coil, 5 turns
Glass coil, 5TM +Pt Nipple
Glass coil, 10 turns
Glass coil, 10TM + Pt Nipple
Glass coil, 20 turns (20TM)
Part Number: 163+G001-05 Part Number: 163+G003-05 Part Number: 163+G001-10 Part Number: 163+G003-10 Part Number: 163+G001-20
Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1 Package of 1
 165-G005-03 163+B321-28  165-0301-03  165-0301-02
 Glass coil, 20 turns (20T)  Kel-F coil, 28 turns  Coil cadmium 6T  Coil cadmium 10T  
 Part Number: 165-G005-03  Part Number: 163+B321-28  Part Number: 165-0301-03  Part Number: 165-0301-02  
 Package of 1  Package of 1  Package of 1  Package of 1